Saturday, March 21, 2009

Llama Kisses

There is nothing quite like the soft fluttering kiss of a loving llama. Just walk in the barn and wait for the quiet qpproach of a friend. Liberty is that friend. She is a young llama born at Angel Tree last May 25th (2008) from our guard llama Abbey an our guard llama male...Homer. She is a beautiful light blown/grey female with white neck and legs as you can see and that's her friend... Ashley! This, this is what the alpaca (llama :-) farm is about. It's an escape from the busy's a's a lifestyle... We love the animals and do all the day to day care othselves. Because we love it and that makes our animals loveable and very used to people. Try will fall in love with alpacas.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Angel Tree Farm Alpacas hosts Farm City Day!

This summer he had an event to remember! The co-operative extension contacted us and asked if we would like to host Farm City Day? We of course said yes and were excited to get the field of alpacas out there to the public...well we sure did! With incredible planning and expertise the Co-operative extension enticed approximately 700 visitors to the farm that sunny day. I do recall her saying that we didn't have to do a thing...but that is like inviting 700 guests over and not cleaning your house! We painted, fenced, trimmed and planted (with a little help from "The Plantsmen") in preparation for the day. What do they say? If you build it they will come...well the Co-operative extension really put on a Farm City Day to remember! The sun was shining and the people came to see not only alpacas but spinners, vegetable sculpting, sheep herding, the Dairy princess and her court scooping ice cream and the list goes on. It was a day to remember on the farm!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mud, Mud, mud!

Some remember as a child...liking mud. I never remember that nor do I think I ever will! This weekend I moved fences so that the animals are confined by the barn door and hay area by the hay bins. They are just trampling down the pastures and we are concerned that the grass will not grow. They don't seem to mind and will just feed off the hay until grass grows. I have a hard time believing that we have seen the last of the snow for the year:-) So for now, whether we like it or not...we will deal with mud. I wish I was an alpaca...not much phases them!