Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome Frankie!

Here... Ashley is holding our latest bundle of joy!
Yes we were surprised...but not too surprised to see we had an early arrival last night around dinner time. We went to the barn to start chores and lo and behold we found a cria! Yes we had a nice little white MALE cria in the pasture as well as a placenta. We believe the little guy was around for a few hours by the time we found him on the cold spring evening.
We will keep you posted as we await new arrivals but we have a lul now until July I believe... hope you enjoy our cria. We will get our blue "it's a boy" sign up!

Monday, April 26, 2010

The clock is ticking....

The clock is ticking down to the first birth on the farm this spring birthing season. Kenya...who ALWAYS goes early is due May 15th. She is acting very pregnant to we are on cria watch already. Watch for the sign...will it be a pink alpaca sign or a blue one??? Stay tuned!

This would be Kenya's first pink sign...she has had three crias and they have all been the color of she or the father. We thought we'd take a chance and breed her to our medium silver grey Marcus this year. Can't wait to see what we get! (Kenya pictured with her '08 cria)