Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring on the Farm!

Spring has started to appear on the farm! This was first apparent when the peacock began to grow his feathers for mating season. (Little does he know his mate is captive...and the size of the tail just doesn't matter!) In a matter of a week or so the feathers have come into full plumage. One male has started to use his feathers the other has not. There are a few guinea hens in their pen so maybe he is confused!

The rabbits have been returned to their outside cages and seem very happy to be out of the stuffy barn.

The chickens are happily free-ranging on the farm again and are back in breeding mode themselves. We have chicks in the basement that are anxiously awaiting their turn to venture out on the farm.

On a sad note our beloved "Abby" (llama) the queen of the farm came down with P-tenius about 3 weeks ago and has been struggling to overcome it. She is a strong, stubborn animal and is not going down without a fight. She can no longer get up on her own (so we help her up a few times a day...and are getting very strong ourselves!) She is able to talk around for a bit before going down again. We have tried all the remedies in the book and have seen the worst it is going to get we hope!

We continue to grow fiber and babies until shearing day and birthing begins. It has been a long hard winter but now as the sun begins to shine and the mud is in full bloom we begin to realize the fruits of our labors.