Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Jay wins naming rights! Cria number two... of birthing season 2010 is born on Angel Tree Farm!

It was an exciting evening on the farm...unfortunately you just don't know when an alpaca birth will occur! Tonight was farmer Jay's (Engels) night. While down by the barn doing chores all the animals in the stall came in...all but Joy. Something was up. He went to the pasture to check on her and he noticed a head and ONE leg coming from Joy's posterior! He was the picture of calm from what I was told. As if HE had taken the classes on birthing alpacas in abnormal positions...he went and had to put his hand inside and help her to get her crias other leg out. He gently pushed the cria back in enough for the cria to present normally...with both legs AND a head! No Name yet...Jay earned the naming rights to this one!

Fortunately... SHE was a healthy 14 lb little cria.

***Stay tuned to the blog... a technologically savy teen was on the farm and caught part of it on video...we will try to upload it for you in the next day or two! Otherwise feel free to do a drive by and watch for the "It's a Girl" sign!