Friday, September 17, 2010

The Final Cria of the the season arrives!

Yes, the final cria of the season decided to read it's pretty little head! It was a cold (potentially wet) fall day so we decided to keep Cinnomon...the mom... inside should she decide to deliver when we weren't home...well she did! We had Grandma checking in on Cinnomon during the day and when she arrived there early afternoon there was the cria and placenta. The cria wasn't moving much so Grandma almost had a heart attack! Lately I have been in shock a bit myself with the cold temperatures setting in. Well it seems as though she was a bit chilled...shocked at the weather and apparently a little thirsty! (I couldn't resist posting a picture of her with her tongue out!) She just couldn't keep her tongue in and was licking and sucking like crazy! We quickly dried her, weighed her (15.5 lbs) took her temp (99.4) and put her coat on...and of course a little neck warmer as well. (I knew those designer Izod leg warmers from 25 years ago would come in handy some day!) It's hard to believe it is almost turtle neck season...well this little one is starting it out...she's lovin' her turtle neck and so is her friend and neighbor Ranata who helped G'ma with the birthing chores:-) She is quite a little character and we all laughed a bit as she was "dressed" for the weather! We'll keep you updated on her latest fashions...I am hoping it is just beautiful alpaca fiber in the near future!