Saturday, February 28, 2009

Oh, the Pregnant Alpaca!

Yes pregnancy is a beautiful thing! The alpaca pregnancy begins with a spit off. Yes I said spit off...and in some alpacas this can last 350 days...the entire pregnancy! This is one of the methods used to determine pregnancy. The female will spit at the male who attempts to breed with her. (I must admit I snicker to myself each and every time they do this...oh the poor male!) We have one female that spits, spits and keeps on spitting. Let me explain...she is an "older mom" and although her body is accustomed to being pregnant she is just a plain old b-_-_-_-h when pregnant.I pity the poor alpaca I put in her stall. For this reason I only make an alpaca endure her for a day or so. I keep her in during the brutal winter days in upstate NY. My husband asks why? because although she might be a b----... she is smart enough not to go out despite the fact that she has a stylish alpaca winter coat in addition to her own made of elderly fiber :-) I have learned rather quickly about what my vet refers to as "middle aged" alpacas. I fees them extra feed, hay and they get extra TLC...Don't be fooled when an unscrupulous (although there aren't too many!) alpaca breeder tells you they live for 20 years and can breed that whole time. Our one or two are now "pets" and will die in our loving arms on the farm because they are not for sale. I would not sell them for money to someone getting into the alpaca business. Yes, I love the pregnant alpaca...and yes they do spit especially this one with attitude and while pregnant.

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