Monday, September 21, 2009

Prepping for National Alpaca Farm Days!

As usual we have been working hard on the farm and are beginning to prep for winter and fall events. You know... the list one last barn door to replace, spit offs to be sure all are bred and the daily work of animal upkeep. (Above pictures are from the Lansing Harbor Fest)

We will be open the the weekend for National Alpaca Farm Days (Sept. 26th and 27th). The farm store will be open, animals in pens with new babies to be seen. It has been another good year on the farm and we look forward to sharing it with you this weekend. We are distributing our fall events schedule and will be around at local festivals, farmers markets and will be having open houses at our farm...and in between we will be knitting ;-)
For more information on our events go to our website at !

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