Friday, October 9, 2009

Touched by "recovery gift" at The Great Cortland Pumkin Fest

Two beautiful days were spent in Cortland this weekend. It was truly a celebration of pumpkins...and fall. They were incredible fall days and hundreds of people filed through our stall...but two made our days completely worth the time and effort.

Two special ladies bought hats for themselves. One was going to be losing her hair soon due to radiation and the other was buying herself a "recovery gift". I recognized the woman as a woman who had purchased our stylish alpaca hats last year...asking her if she had bought hats last year she immediately said "yes"...two...and this year I am buying one as a gift to myself. I wore the hats all winter because they were so soft, warm and didn't itch my head. She then told us that she was told she had breast cancer only a month after buying the hats...not knowing how important they would be to her bald head! But on this day she was buying herself a new one as a recovery gift. It gave me chills...and my mother...the Creator of the unique hats was touched that something she made had made a difference in the life of someone with cancer. It seems as though no one is spared from being touched by cancer...and on this day my mom felt how she made a difference!

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